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    I’m Andrew – serial online entrepreneur, best-selling author, business coach & mentor.

    A happy family man.

    Since age of 18, I have been addicted to online business idea. Currently I own several eBay shops, eCommerce Shops, trademarks, websites and video courses. eBay was my first selling platform and Oh BOY!, I maxed it out to full potential! eBay gave me much needed profit to invest in other websites and business projects.

    One of the very first online projects I launched was It’s the World’s largest eBay template directory hosting more than 700 templates, video lessons, graphics, selling tools and members only forum. On SAT website you’ll also find my FREE video course on how to create eBay listings that SELL, called “Fix My Auction”.

    Easy Auction Business was my first video course. It’s currently UK’s best selling, complete video course on how to build a successful eBay business in less than 8 weeks time. After thousands of copies sold and hundreds of raving testimonials, I can honestly say that EAB course has made a huge impact on people’s lives across the entire World! Just take a look at small selection of testimonials here to see what I’m referring to. I truly believe that Easy Auction Business video course contains everything you need to know about building a successful eBay business.

    Aside from EAB video course, I also host a popular Q&A website related to eCommerce called On this website/blog I answer questions related to eBay, wholesale & imports, taxes, traffic generation and other related topics. Each week I publicly answer one, hand selected, question. Once a month, Q&A session is turned into a video. Feel free to send in any questions you may have and I’ll do my best to answer them ASAP!

    I answer ALL questions personally, even ones that aren’t published. CWA and other videos I publish on my YouTube channel – again, feel free to comment and share!

    Experience I have accumulated over the last years building my businesses and helping hundreds of customers is truly invaluable. Sometimes I'm scared when realize how much I know (yes, my head is THAT BIG!!! :-)). I’m what you call a typical “entrepreneur” – I see ideas, business concepts on every corner. I think about my business day and night, workdays and weekends. I LIVE business. My ain never stops working.

    This is the main reason why I created my 60DayBlueprint, 8 week personal coaching program – to share my knowledge, experience and passion for business with other people. It’s like borrowing me for 8 weeks as it’s an intensive program where, starting from scratch, we build a brand new profitable eBay OR eCommerce business. I have already helped more than 30 people through this program and results speak for themselves.

    Then there was another business idea I turned into a video course called Second Income Generator. This one is perfect for people who need to generate money FAST and don’t want to sell on eBay. It’s not about selling anything at all. It’s a great, little money making system anyone in the World can use to make second income WITHOUT investing a penny in stock or advertising.

    eCommerce Magnates video course is my latest product in publishing business. It’s a complete video guide on how to build a profitable online shop, again, starting from scratch. This course will be perfect for anyone looking for EXACT success formula I have been using building my own shops. In this video course I also share "behind the scenes information" from one of my own businesses so it’s highest quality, REAL LIFE information.

    I have yet another website/blog - There you'll find all the products, latest information and updates from me. In future, I plan to improve it and make it the main website for all my information products. As you may realize, working on so many websites and businesses at once isn't easy so I would really like to make as a central station for all my customer needs.

    The higher purpose of all these products and websites is to help others. Yes, I do make money from some programs and courses but trust me – nothing beats all those testimonials and success stories I receive on a weekly basis. There are dozens of families living their dream because of my help in one way or another. It simply feels great, to be able to help, to be able to give back.

    I want others to realize the potential. To see that EVERYTHING in life is possible, all it takes is one idea and some hard work! In my spare time I’m an active community member and moderator on I have been a member there since year 2007 and have made more than 15 000 posts. I recommend this forum as a great platform to start your education in wholesale and eCommerce world.

    I am truly the happiest person in the world – I have a beautiful, supportive wife (Una) and healthy daughter (Charlotte) - love them more and more each day goes by! Back in days, in that dusty Primark warehouse, I would never realize it’s possible to live a life I live right now. I want to say BIG, BIG Thanks to my close friend Robert – he was the one who inspired me to leave that sick job for good! So Thanks Rob, without you I would never be the person I am now. (and Hello to Little Joe - my supervisor who's most likely doing same old, boring job he hates day and night!).

    Lastly, it’s 21st century we’re living in, right? So no surprises here – you can get in touch with me on Facebook as well as follow occasional tweet from me on Email is still preferred contact form for me so if you have any questions at all (product related or anything else), feel free to get in touch with me using a contact form on any of my websites. Thanks for taking a look at my website & I hope to hear from you soon!

    Best Regards,